No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it
— Albert Einstein

What is Holistic Living?

Holistic or deep living (in contrast to mainstream culture’s shallow living) considers the unseen aspects of life, such as our values, emotions, beliefs, stories, and our consciousness. Shallow living, on the other hand, simply looks at life from a material perspective, using just our five senses. By combining the two, we live life more fully, more consciously, with greater meaning and greater awareness.

Why Live Holistically?

First, it’s more fun and more meaningful. It’s a way of being fully engaged with yourself and the world you live in. There is conscious thought given to what you put in your body, how you choose to heal, how you grow your food, how you speak to others, how you live more fully on this planet in general. Because this adds quality and meaning, living deeply makes life a lot more fulfilling.

And secondly, because our world finds itself in a deep environmental and cultural crisis, it is more critical than ever that we examine our Western cultural values and beliefs. We need to redirect our path from shallow to deep living in order to become more compassionate and aware all around and heal our planet and ourselves.

In my forthcoming book Deep Living, which is due out this winter, I describe what such an awakened relationship with life might look like and how to begin the healing process. More on Deep Living under the book tab.