Three Deep Living Retreats

Deep Living Retreats provide a glimpse of the Good Life, the way life was always meant to be; and help to shift to a deeper beingness of joy, presence, and meaning.  

Coming this Spring!


Food In All Its Glory                

  • Experience a deeply healing connection to food and how to "let food be thy medicine.".
  • Discover food as your friend and ally.
  • Learn how to set healthy food priorities money-wise and time-wise.
  • Find pleasure and meaning in the preparation and sharing of food by helping to prepare lunch and enjoying a wonderful meal in great company.
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The Deliciousness of Healthy Soil

  • Learn why it matters where your food comes from, and how it's grown and made.
  • Visit a local sustainable farm to experience the joy and meaning of forging a direct relationship with the farmer who grows your food.
  • Conclude with a picnic on the farm, weather permitting.

What Healing Really Means and How to Do It

  • Explore the healing process, and come to understand it as a complex mind-body-spirit approach that is entirely unique to you.
  • Find out how the healing process can become a downright exciting journey to find the true You.
  • Food, drink, energy healing, and right-brain activities are all part of this workshop.