Exciting News!

“Wisdom from the DEEP LIVING Blog,” 


a DEEP LIVING companion book featuring a selection of the best holistic living posts from over five years of blogging,

will be out in time for the holiday season.  

Stay tuned!


As a holistic adventurer, spiritual sojourner, author, gentle activist, blogger, public speaker and spiritual-cultural critic, Susanne has thoughts, wisdom and commentary about living your best authentic and holistically sound life – one that treads gently on the planet and all of its creatures.


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You don’t have to go to church when you read Susanne’s blog, it’s so spiritual.
— Annette Sanchez
“On one hand DEEP LIVING is an exploration of the philosophy of sustainability and the cultural choices that have led us to our current environmental crisis; on the other, it’s also an invitation to reexamine our values and reimagine how they can be reflected in our daily lives.”
— Chronogram Magazine
The key to growth is the introduction
of higher dimensions of consciousness
into our awareness.
— Lao Tzu

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