About Deep Living

DEEP LIVING is available on Amazon and B&N as paperback and ebook.  Get your copy now.  It won Honorable Mention in the inspirational category of Writer's Digest's 2017 Self-Published Book Awards.

Do you sometimes wonder what the world has come to?  Are you interested in finding out how we may have gotten there?  Most of all, would you like to know how to fix it, and what you personally can do to create a meaningful and sustainable life?

Chronogram Magazine writes "Warwick resident Susanne Meyer-Fitzsimmons's novel combines self with ecosystem.  In her holistic guide to living, Fitzsimmons writes on what she calls "fulfilled life in co-creation with harmony and the planet."  This text is a helpful ecological approach to broad topics like human diet, spirituality, the body, and health, explored into chapter-long meditations.  Fitzsimmons combines multiple schools of thought on the environment and nature, promoting a deep ecological approach to life, one based on meaning, sustainability, health, and responsibility."

Dirt Magazine writes:  “[Deep Living]…is a clear-eyed critique of what’s broken about American culture, but at the same time the book feels generous and nonjudgmental in assessing how we got here…and optimisticabout where humanity is headed.”

I love how you are always getting us to stop and reflect on our lives...and the choices we are making.
— Beverly Braxton, Education Consultant
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