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Do you sometimes wonder what the world has come to? How did we end up here? You will find out how to fix it, and what you can personally do to create a meaningful, joyful, and sustainable life.

I love how you are always getting us to stop and reflect on our lives...and the choices we are making.
— Beverly Braxton, Education Consultant

Savoring life, musings on food and how to grow it sustainably, reflections on the present cultural transformation, deep and meaningful living, spiritual meanderings, thoughts on health and wellness, answers on how we can heal our planet - Wisdom from the Deep Living Blog is an uplifting collection of the best inspirational blog posts from almost six years of blogging on deep living, and a companion book to Deep Living: Healing Yourself To Heal The Planet.

Goodness, Susanne! You are a brilliant writer...It is fantastic!!! Essential reading indeed!!!
— Luz Piedad Lopez
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