Susanne Meyer-Fitzsimmons

Photo Credit :  Evangeline Gala

Photo Credit : Evangeline Gala

The kids did it!  It's my kids who sent me on the search for a better world.  But before that it was my country's history - I was born in post-war Germany - that sent me on a deep spiritual search for answers to life's most fundamental questions during my teen years (because I just didn’t get the horrors of the Holocaust).

It's easy to critize what is, we're all adept at that because we're wired that way, and I'm a great cultural critic.  However, ultimately I'd rather contribute to making this world a better place by moving our much needed cultural shift forward.

Growing up in France and Belgium, food has always been central to my existence.  But food is only one aspect that contributes to the quality of life.  Living a very fast paced life in New York and Hong Kong clarified for me that Europeans live a slower, gentler, more quality oriented life, and that is what I wish to bring to you - the good life, a life that heals, not only you but also our wounded planet, because we're all out of balance.


No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.
— Albert Einstein

Graduate research I conducted when my children were young became the basis for my award-winning blog and books.  There I explore healing our life and our culture; healing our relationships with nature, agriculture, food and our bodies; healing the way we communicate with one another; and speculating about why our culture is in such seeming disarray and what we can do about it.  

Even though you can't take the city out of me I now live happily in a net-zero house in the beautiful Hudson Valley with my wonderful family and two cats.