Reactions from the Press

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One one hand Deep Living is an exploration of the philosophy of sustainability and the cultural choices that have led us to our current environmental crisis; on the other, it’s also an invitation to reexamine our values and reimagine how they can be reflected in our daily lives.
— Mary Angeles Armstrong, Chronogram Magazine
Fitzsimmons combines multiple schools of thought on the environment and nature, promoting a deep ecological approach to life, one based on meaning, sustainability, health, and responsibility.
— Hannah Phillips, Chronogram Magazine
The book...offers a hopeful vision for a more sustainable, more meaningful, good-for-all, not just a good-for-some culture, in these tumultuous times.
— As told to The Warwick Advertiser by the author
Deep Living offers a buffet of interesting nuggets ready-made for dropping into a dinner conversation.
— Becca Tucker, Dirt Magazine
We need to live deeply, switch to a value based way of thinking and away from the constant quantification of “how much” and “how fast,” which leaves us empty.
— As told to Marlena Smith, Life As I Know It