Workshop Descriptions

Unless otherwise noted, all workshops meet in Susanne's Warwick home

from 7-8:30pm, and are $59.

Please inquire about private and custom sessions to suit your schedule and needs.

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Eating Healthy Without Going Broke:
Strategic Purchasing, Storage and Prep Approaches

Thursday, August 8

Thursday, Sept 5

Tuesday, Sept 24

Tuesday, October 8

Monday, October 21

Eating healthy, and possibly even organic, can be within reach if you change how and where you shop, how you prepare and use your food. A lifelong from-scratch cook and passionate foodie who grew up in Paris and Brussels, Susanne will cover shopping, storage, preparation and cooking methods to make healthy eating affordable.

Handouts, cooking demo and refreshments

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Healthy Breakfasts and Snacks:

Beyond Pancakes and waffles, Chips and Pretzels

Thursday, August 15

Wednesday, Sept 11

Monday, Sept 30

Thursday, October 10

Thursday, October 24

Breakfast sets the tone for the day and needs to be a nutritious and healthy meal that takes you all the way to lunch, and it doesn’t need to be freezer waffles. Healthy snacks don’t have to come out of a bag. Together we will explore quick, fresh and healthy alternatives to the same old same old.

Handouts, demo and refreshments  included.

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Healthy Weeknight Dinners In A Breeze:
Cooking-From-Scratch Strategies For A Busy Life

Monday, Sept 16 - sold out

Thursday, October 3

Tuesday, October 15

Wednesday, October 30

Making home cooked from-scratch meals in mid-week can seem
overwhelming when you have children, a busy work life or even both. But the solution doesn't have to be pizza, take-out, or one of those expensive meal delivery services. A lifelong from-scratch cook and passionate foodie who grew up in Paris and Brussels, Susanne has mastered the art of preparing
quick, healthy and delicious weeknight meals. She will share her tips, strategies and techniques so you and your family can eat healthier.

Handouts, cooking demo and refreshments.


Let’s Go Shopping

Taking the Mystery out of Food Terminology and Options

Saturdays at 2:30 at the Warwick Shoprite August 3

Sept 14

October 5

October 19

October 26

The many choices, terms, and labels can make food shopping overwhelming. 

We meet at the Warwick Shoprite to learn about navigating a supermarket, the different egg choices, organic, conventional and GMO produce and the labeling that comes with it, meat and dairy options, seafood, and where else you can shop besides the supermarket. We will cover all the basics so you can make informed decisions and feel in control of your grocery choices.

Note:  I am happy to offer private sessions for a group of friends,  at your convenience and at a supermarket of your choice anywhere in the HV for $250, 2-week notice and prepayment required.  Please email me if interested.


GIFT Certificate

A Deep Living gift certificate can be redeemed for books, workshops, and retreats. 

We are happy to mail a beautiful gift certificate to the recipient.

Please contact Susanne for logistics or to redeem.

Deep Living Retreats

A glimpse of the Good Life, the way life was meant to be, and a deeper awareness of joy, presence, and meaning.

Take half a day off to revitalize your mind, energize your soul, indulge your senses, and remember what truly matters.  If you come from a bit further consider spending the rest of the day exploring Warwick, which Chronogram Magazine has called "one of the most perfectly realized blends of urban and rural cultural wealth in the entire Hudson Valley, if not the world."

These private and intimate half-day retreats in mid-week are held in my serene, net-zero home in picturesque Warwick, NY and are currently offered on request for small groups of 2-4 people to allow for true connection.  Together we will enjoy delicious, homemade treats, lunch or refreshments, and reconnect with life in a deep way.    Deep Living Retreats also include a signed copy of my multi-award winning book, Deep Living: Healing Yourself To Heal The Planet


Food In All Its Glory

I grew up devouring cookbooks for bedtime reading, eating my way through Europe, and cooking from scratch.   My favorite form of entertainment is sharing good food and good conversation with friends

Ahhhh, so easy.  Together we will make sense of the complex food conversation around diet, organics, shopping, cooking, and eating. Then we will find pleasure and meaning in transforming delicious organic ingredients into a memorable meal, and indulge in a special lunch in great company with good conversation.  Bon appétit!

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The Deliciousness of Healthy Soil

When I had children I became concerned about the quality of our food, and aware of how important healthy soil is to our health.  Much of my food comes directly from the local sustainable farmers that I know and can trust.

Join me on a restorative adventure to discover the tenets of slow food. We will  visit a local sustainable farm to see where our food comes from and experience the joy and meaning of creating a direct relationship with the farmer.  During a tranquil picnic on the farm grounds, we will continue our conversation on the deliciousness of healthy soil.


What Healing Really Means & How to Do It

As a teenager I wanted to become a doctor.  While that did not happen, my early spiritual search eventually led me to graduate research on understanding the healing process, and a shift in grasping its complexity.

Let the stress melt away as you gain a new understanding of the healing process through several experiential practices while we share  delicious superfoods and superdrinks.  You will feel empowered as you discover healing as a multifaceted mind-body-spirit approach that is entirely unique to you.  

Individual half day retreats are offered at $498 for 2 people, or $649 for 3-4 people. Please contact me at 914-275-3289 to discuss your needs and schedule your retreat.  Consider enjoying quality time off together with a few close friends. 

Cancellation policy:  Things happen, I know.  In case something comes up unexpectedly you might find a friend or relative to take your place.  Otherwise, I offer a 50% refund if cancelled more than seven days  before the retreat or workshop date.