On conciousness and it's evolution

“There is comfort in knowing of a bigger picture, and in the case of our cultural and environmental crisis the bigger picture provides assurance that what we may perceive as chaos at the “street level” has a reason, purpose, and explanation on a higher level.  From “down in the streets” of our Western culture it can be difficult to realize that we have options, that what we are living is only one of many ways.”

“Evolution is the gradual and cumulative change of organisms over long periods of time, adding complexity along the way.   Our consciousness evolves as well.  In fact, it is our evolving consciousness which drives growth and development of brain, nervous system, and body. “

“So with increasing development of consciousness we individually and as a lot gain deeper awareness and lucidity.  On the other hand, until we reach a certain consciousness level there are things that simply remain hidden from us, that we are unable to comprehend or see.  Our minds open up magically with increasing awareness, lucidity, and tuning into the metaphysical, as we proceed on our spiritual journeys, and reveal things that simply did not exist, or so we believed, previously.”

“Many believe that we have begun transitioning to a new consciousness structure.  What we observe as doubts, frustrations, crises and regressive attempts of taking refuge in former more traditional cultural expressions, can also be seen as a questioning and breaking down of old patterns.  The widespread freedom movements, the Occupy Wall Street movement, and the global grassroots movements for sustainable lifestyles are all early contractions of the birth of cultural renewal. Understanding this relationship helps to see the present situation not as a doomed world gone bad, but as a stage in a larger evolutionary scheme, and an opportunity to embrace this shift without resistance, instead participating with passion for a better tomorrow.”

“There is no such thing as a return to a ‘more innocent past,’ and Col. Qaddafi’s recent fate illustrates the consequences of resisting a greater momentum instead of going with the flow, the tenet of Taoism.”

“If  ‘life is what your thoughts make it,’ as Roman philosopher emperor Marcus Aurelius is reported to have said,  then we must think those thoughts that create how we want to live, not only how we want to live personally, but also what we want our future and that of our children and grandchildren to look like.”

“Many have written about the changes that are already happening, and the more radical changes that still need to happen to prevent a global environmental suicide and an economic collapse.  Many have expressed that it is unknown whether these developments will be peaceful and gradual or cataclysmic and painful.  Once we awaken to the realization that change is inevitable, that we need to own our evolution and that of our culture, of our community, of our existence, we must embrace this progress.    Progress and evolution are not only inevitable, they are also about moving forward to a new and higher level without losing the insights gained earlier.  The more we embrace and participate and are the change, the more peaceful and gradual it will be.”