On Healing and Living Holistically

“A holistic life incorporates all aspects of our existence, the physical and the spiritual, the seen and the unseen.  While we perceive the physical aspect with our five senses, we delve into the spiritual part with our consciousness or mind.  Consciousness is what adds layer, depth, quality and significance to life.  Our emotions and feelings are an indicator of this aspect.”

“By embracing that other unseen part, life becomes balanced.  We no longer simply ask how much and how fast, we ask how well.  This is the aspect that adds significance and meaning to life, a life without it is dead.  Balancing your life in all of its aspects heals you mentally and physically. A holistic life is a sustainable life that works in harmony with nature and our fellow beings and the highest good for all.  Because a holistic life is non-competitive, it is a win-win for all.  It is a participatory life lived in awareness.  It is a creative life, and it is beneficial for all, not just for some.  Therefore, it becomes a sustainable way of life and a socially just way of life.   Social change and justice, a greener planet, a sustainable life, and self-fulfillment all begin with you and me.  Holistic living is a wake-up call.”

“According to this expanded understanding healing is simply our lifelong quest for perfection and harmony, it is our individual journey for self-fulfillment, and has nothing to do with the medical establishment. “