On Nature

“If it weren’t for nature we’d have no economy, heck, we wouldn’t exist.  Once we come to that realization we’ll treat nature again with reverential gratitude and respect.”

“From the perspective of a “participatory cosmos,” or nature as consciousness, or  intelligent nature, which we are all a part of, which we are one with, which we are interdependent with in a mutual and reciprocal relationship, Chief Seattle’s quote “Whatever you do the web, you do to yourself”  makes sense.  Realizing that we wouldn’t and couldn’t exist without nature, independently from it, is powerful and brings about a shift in our relationship with it.  If you are still unconvinced read Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax.”

“Once we recognize this on a deeper level, we no longer have to be coerced into refraining from discarding a plastic bottle on a hike through the woods (because we know we’d pollute the environment, desecrate nature, and make someone else eventually pick our garbage up), spraying pesticides on the apple trees in the orchard (because we’d know we’d poison the bees, birds and other plants, the groundwater, the adjacent neighbors’ air, and the apples themselves), or throwing the batteries out with the regular garbage (because we’d know that the batteries’ lead would eventually leak into the soil and groundwater, that same soil we grow our food in and that same groundwater that serves as our drinking water).  We know that this would bite us in the tail because the environment is part of us and we couldn’t possibly sully that which we depend upon for our livelihood.”