Praise for Wisdom From The Deep Living Blog



New Ideas

"I love your blog. Wherever I am in the world, I always read it.....- it's just the right length and tone, and it helps me practice better habits....and to introduce me to some new ideas."  ~ Gary Bilezikian, President Guildcraft



Making a Difference

"I've always felt that a collective of individuals contributing in small ways to improving the human condition is the construct of a movement....Susanne's work reminds us what each of us can do, how each one of us can make a difference."  
~ Steve Rubin, Director of The Hudson Valley Jazz Festival

Re-Discover and Celebrate

"Susanne's concise Deep Living blog posts encourage us to re-discover and celebrate the magic in simple, everyday observations.  An unexpected sign on a road trip invites reflection, "This building is not empty.  It is full of opportunity!"  Her sources of inspiration are varied.  Sometimes, the animals who we share the Earth with, are featured.  Did you know octopi can distinguish between people the like or dislike?  Have you ever wondered about communicating telepathically with your pets?"  ~ Alice Longworth, Marketing Executive


Each Blog is a Meditation

"My 21st century lifestyle is a fast-paced and frenetic one.  I've looked forward to Susanne's blog for years to get me "back on track."  She has the keen ability to express in words my thoughts and feelings about living more deeply. Each blog is a meditation about living well, eating well, and feeling well, 'short and sweet,' yet substantive in so many ways."  ~ Annette Sancehz, Educator


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