a new medical paradigm

0_0_0_0_244_243_csupload_22381289What if it weren't necessarily the microorganism that made us sick, but that healing depended instead on the condition and resilience of our own immune system, our constitution, our circumstances and how our body handles strains to our wellbeing? Liise-Anne Pirofski, infectious disease specialist at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, clarifies that a particular microorganism can harm one person and leave another unharmed. Too often, Dr. Pirofski says, we simply try to combat a certain microorganism with antibiotics or vaccines. Yet, we have not found vaccines against tuberculosis, malaria, herpes or fungal diseases. Instead, Dr. Pirofski suggests, as reported in the German news magazine Der Spiegel, researching how to strengthen the host. 526441_376140172452635_1262864776_n In essence, Dr. Pirofski proposes a radical paradigm change, away from the pathogen-as-culprit and towards understanding instead how to strengthen and heal the person. This goes against the grain of the Western medical paradigm that treats the perceived pathogen, and is more in line with the thinking of CAM, complementary and alternative medicine, that treats the whole person.

Ask not what makes you sick but how you can heal.