what makes me happy

happinessHere are some of the things that make me content and happy: a sense of inner peace; feeling safe and protected; a sense of abundance and the knowledge that I have all I need; friendship and togetherness (very very important) and being part of a network; giving and experiencing kindness; self-realization or expressing myself through what I do and what and who I surround myself with; giving and sharing; being appreciated and respected by others; when those around me are well and content. Things that don't contribute to my happiness: A new car seems pretty irrelevant to my happiness (mine is pretty beat up and not very new and is a fine means of transporting stuff and people around the way it is); expensive jewelry (wouldn't want to worry about it, bling is just as pretty); expensive name brands (waste of money, only feeds luxury corporations, the actual value of such items is probably 10% of what they cost).

Sure, if I won the lottery I'd go on safari in Africa. But I am perfectly happy not going on safari in Africa. Money can buy basic creature comforts but not happiness. I wonder what makes you happy?


going paleo?

Paleo-Diet-Reviews-From-Creationists-Criticize-The-Caveman-Claim-No-Benefit-665x385Is the Paleo Diet another one of those diet fads like the Atkins Diet or the South Beach Diet?   Come to think of it, there may be a bit more to it, indeed. The so called Western Diet, which is now traveling east and infecting Europe, India and China, is full of sugar and starches. Given that starches in the form of grains, and transformed into bread, pasta, pizza and cereals - our new daily staples, have only been in our diet since the advent of agriculture about 10,000 years ago, they seem to throw our million-and-some year old digestive systems for a loop. Add to the starches the addicting amounts of sugar we seem powerless to control because big food puts them into everything from pickles (why?) and mustard, mayonnaise (serious?) and bread (what's it doing in there?), to pasta sauce, breakfast cereals, soft drinks, and whatever else they can find, you may be in for a health mess unless you cook everything from scratch. And it (the health mess) shows - Celiac disease, diabetes 1 and 2, rheumatoid arthritis, gluten sensitivity in general, perhaps even cancer, too - all seem to point to the same evil - sugar and grains, and are on a drastic rise. I admit that I used to boast that my digestive system could handle all that grain, and what was it with all those gluten intolerant people.  After all, I grew up in the land of baguette and croissants, and was born in the land of the crusty breads.  Yet a recent diagnosis of Diabetes Type 1 in a close relative hit home and made me think again.

The Paleo Diet cuts those two culprits out - no refined sugar, no grains. Instead, meat and fish in small quantities, no or limited dairy (my homeopathic MD recently said dryly "dairy is overrated and usually adulterated" - unless you go raw), lots of vegetables (and preferably not the starchy kind - keep it green), some fruits, as well as nuts.   Stories abound of healing diabetes 1 and 2 (yes, both), Celiac and various inflammatory and auto-immune conditions by going gluten-free or following the Paleo Diet. I'm trying it.


dream on

“If you limit your actions in life to things that nobody can possibly find fault with, you will not do much!” Lewis Carroll wrote. Carroll warns us from living in fear and invites us to dare living life to the fullest. Indeed, if you lead your life to please others, well, stop. No need to apologize for being you, for doing things you like to do, and doing them the way you like to do them.   If you want to dye your hair red or green, do it. If you want to take a belly dancing class, go do it. If you want to go swimming with the dolphins, plan a trip. If you have a secret passion, go live it. If you hate your job, imagine a different one.


It is so easy to find excuses. And sometimes it takes a while to fulfill a dream. But dreaming (with intent) is not only fun but the groundwork for fulfilling your dream (see a previous blog post "amazing intent" on this). We are often not so good with the imagining part. But that's the part that sets things in the universe into motion. The better you imagine what you want to manifest the more real it becomes in your mind.

Lewis Carroll's Alice asks the Cheshire Cat: "Where should I go?" to which the cat replies "That depends on where you want to end up."  That's the whole point. If you can imagine where you want to end up you can get there. But you must imagine your goal. Otherwise the universe doesn't get a clear message. Dream on! That's the beginning to getting from here to there.

relish your eggs, yolk and all

         Egg whites sans yolk became the virtuous thing to eat in recent years because of the misguided cholesterol scare (I recently wrote about the fat myth). I find egg whites by themselves bland and love my yolks. Rather, I live for the yolk and eat the white just because it happens to come with it, although egg whites do have their place in chocolate mousse and meringues. The deep yellow oozy yolk, warm and runny, is just soooo delicious (see a post on my soft spot for soft boiled eggs). Egg yolks were vilified by a culture that was quick to believe one-sided and misinterpreted scientific tests, and valued scientifically engineered food products over what nature made. The food industry saw a quick profit in our fear of cholesterol (take a look at information from the Weston Price Foundation on the misguided cholesterol myth). Hence those egg white omelets, and egg products like desiccated egg white powder, substitute egg mix, and liquid egg whites in a carton.

DSC01261         Not only are eggs one of the healthiest foods on earth, they are also a brain food, provide one of the highest levels of protein, and are an excellent source of vitamin D (eat more of them in the wintertime when you don't get out into the sun as much) and minerals. The much bigger problem is the low quality of eggs coming from industrialized mass egg productions and the egg products made from them. Do eat eggs, but buy them from a local farmer who lets the chickens roam and eat grubs (see a blog post on that as well).  If you want to save food $ consider cutting back drastically on your meat consumption and getting more of your protein from the best quality eggs you can find.

In the end, we are better off looking at the causes of cardio-vascular and heart disease from an emotional perspective, which merits a blog post in itself, rather than making cholesterol the culprit.  So - have your eggs and eat them too!