a seasonal winter display

What a visually pleasing tradition to have a seasonal display at home, not only when there is a particular holiday, but simply to remind us of the current season. The display might include some plant or nature element, such as a bare branch in the wintertime, maybe some pretty rocks, perhaps a candle. Really anything that reflects the current time of year, the mood and what it means to you. winter mantle (Tin Rabbit on Flickr)

A fireplace mantel lends itself beautifully to this kind of display because it is usually so centrally placed in the home. But a side table in the entrance, a pedestal in the dining room or a window alcove in the living room are all just as suitable.

Waldorf winter display

When my children were small they went to a Waldorf nursery school, where it is customary to have such a display on a table in the playroom.

Japanese tokonoma

The Japanese traditionally have a tokonoma in their home, a niche with a seasonal scroll, a seasonal flower display, perhaps a candle and some incense, all thoughtfully selected.

minimalist winter display (found on Flickr)

Consider taking a look around your garden and your house, and think about a few items to place in a location you pass a few times a day. It might become a spot where you stop just for a second to pause and interrupt the flow of things.