amazing intent

Intent is the creative energy we use to put thoughts or ideas into action.  The stronger the intent the quicker we can make the idea happen (wavering slows the process down or even brings it to a halt).   One could say that intent solidifies thought. DSC07339We are currently building a house.  For the longest time this house only existed as an idea.  But as we kept working at this idea we put processes in place to solidify it and make it appear in the physical realm.  We bought property, we imagined how we'd like to live, we sketched floor plans on paper, we thought about what we'd like the house to look like, we hired an architect, then a contractor, we got financing, and now this house we imagined for so long is actually emerging from the ground.  Our ideas are becoming reality. photo[1]

Thought creates matter is what they say.  In a way it's quite magical.  If you can think something up you can create it.  Imagine the possibilities!!!