April showers bring May flowers

DSC00382 (1)The grass "popped" and went green from one day to the next this past week-end when the weather suddenly turned warm.  This is when I truly know that spring has sprung.   A warm rain was falling outside.  The next day it snowed and night time temperatures dropped to winter levels.  Now it is pleasant again.  That's April. Spring is about a fresh start, a bit like New Year's, but tied to nature, as opposed to a man-made calendar.  The cycle begins anew.  As a matter-of-fact, when I was little in Germany the school year used to begin in the spring with Easter.  In April the grays and browns of winter slowly give way to spots of color - a bit of tender green here, a white Snowdrop or yellow Narcissus there.  Still timid, but so refreshing.  I open the windows to let the crisp outside air in, so nice after the warm dry indoor winter air.  I look forward to yellow forsythia and soon the pink of luscious magnolia and whites of the fruit trees.  The bolder colors come later, I have to be patient.

The never ending cycle starts again - how reassuring in a chaotic world.  Happy Spring!  Happy Renewal!  Happy Easter!