are you a cultural creative?

It is quite possible that you have never heard of them. It is also quite possible that you are one of them, or us. It is estimated that we – yes, I am definitely one of them - are more than 80 million strong in this country alone, and that there are about 250 million of us worldwide. The funny thing about the Cultural Creatives is that they don’t realize how many others share their values. Cultural Creatives believe in authenticity, in quality over quantity, in contributing to a healthy planet, in transparency, in many of the values that people embrace who are into sustainable and green living, homesteading, the farm-to-table and locavore movements, sustainable agriculture, and so forth. The Occupy Wall Street Movement is full of Cultural Creatives, but fizzled because of lack of leadership and lack of realization how many actually share these new values; dare I call it a newly emerging consciousness structure? If this has perked your interest, you can find out more about The Cultural Creatives and whether you are one of them, on Paul Ray and Sherry Anderson’s website. They are the sociologist psychologist husband-and-wife team who gave this emerging phenomenon its name and wrote a book about it in 2000.

Filmmaker Frigyes Fogel made a movie about the movement, its ideas and values, and is now planning a TV station.