what makes me happy

happinessHere are some of the things that make me content and happy: a sense of inner peace; feeling safe and protected; a sense of abundance and the knowledge that I have all I need; friendship and togetherness (very very important) and being part of a network; giving and experiencing kindness; self-realization or expressing myself through what I do and what and who I surround myself with; giving and sharing; being appreciated and respected by others; when those around me are well and content. Things that don't contribute to my happiness: A new car seems pretty irrelevant to my happiness (mine is pretty beat up and not very new and is a fine means of transporting stuff and people around the way it is); expensive jewelry (wouldn't want to worry about it, bling is just as pretty); expensive name brands (waste of money, only feeds luxury corporations, the actual value of such items is probably 10% of what they cost).

Sure, if I won the lottery I'd go on safari in Africa. But I am perfectly happy not going on safari in Africa. Money can buy basic creature comforts but not happiness. I wonder what makes you happy?