you are the center of the universe

center of the universe"Life's not coming at you but from you," Aura Lehrer my yoga teacher said recently.  This is something quite amazing to ponder because it turns the way we  perceive ourselves in relationship to the world upside down.  We tend to have the  impression that we are a victim, that people are there to make our life miserable, that stuff happens just to annoy us to no end.  It's the blame attitude.  When we are in that mode everyone else seems responsible for our misery. Oftentimes I have waited at a party (when I don't know a lot of people) for someone to come up to me and start a conversation, in which case I didn't have such a good time.  Recently I went to a function and just walked up to people, re- or introduced myself, and engaged in conversation...and lo and behold I had a great time.  I was the initiator of my experience, I made the good time happen instead of waiting for someone else to make it happen for me.

So back to this fantastic phrase - what you put out there comes back to you, when you put nothing out, nothing much comes back.  In a way you are the center of the universe and it all emanates from you!