chaos before order

chaos and changeSeems that order must be preceded by chaos.  When I decide to rearrange and reorganize my daughter's closet I pull everything out, throw it on the bed and floor, then sort and fold all the clothes anew, before placing them neatly back in the closet.    When the kitchen pantry cabinets need to be cleaned, everything comes out and gets spread all over the counters, gets inspected, the kitchen looks accordingly, and once the shelves are clean all the food bags are returned in neat and orderly fashion. 

They say that creativity breeds better in disorder, and that creative people usually have unorganized working areas.  Not sure whether that should be an excuse to be messy?  But from chaos arises order.  I am hopeful.

more chaosMy own life is currently in disarray as we have begun to pack up the house we have lived in for more than twenty years.  We find things we forgot about long ago, even silly things like refrigerator alphabet magnets (yes, we have been here for a long time), and my daughter is hopeful she'll find her long lost library card.  It's a great opportunity for clean-up, for sorting things out that just take up space but have become obsolete, for clearing house literally.  No need to move things we no longer need or want.  I have already given two pick-up truck loads of stuff to a local shelter.

Since I am usually very organized, and since I clearly like order, predictability and harmony, all this is quite unsettling for me.  But change is good and change is in order.  It's time for a fresh start.   The freaky thing is that the technology around us also seems to reflect the current chaos, external and internal.  We have been experiencing internet problems in recent weeks, although it's been checked and rechecked and supposedly nothing is wrong.  A telephone problem was diagnosed and fixed.  The dryer (that I usually don't use) stopped working, then luckily came back when we unplugged it and plugged it back in.   And I have a really weird bug in my bookkeeping system since the switchover to the computer I'll be using in my new home office. stars and chaos

To creative chaos in preparation for new and improved order!