clutter outside - clutter inside?

clutter-before/after Clutter and mess, or not?  Clutter and mess promote creativity, they say, while neatness and tidiness are associated with conventionalism.   Yet, according to feng shui principles clutter and mess keep stale and stagnant energy around, whereas uncluttering and tidying up let fresh energy stream in and open up new possibilities.

The basement in our old house was definitely not a creative space any longer. It was stuffed to the ceiling with stuff, so much stuff that we ended up with duplicates and triplicates of tools and stuff because we couldn't find our stuff. We got rid of a lot of stuff when we moved. And as soon as we were in the new house my husband meticulously and methodically organized the carefully selected leftovers  with shelving units and hanging organizers. Now it feels really good to walk into the basement and actually find what you are looking for instead of rummaging around and walking back up in frustration because you couldn't find those pliers or screws you knew you had somewhere.

I always wonder about the connection between clutter in your mind and clutter in your home or office.   Clutter also has to do with a fear of letting go - you never know when you might need that stuff.  And feng shui has a lot to say about clutter and where you have it.  I find cleaning up and uncluttering quite liberating because you can literally see clearly again.

Messiness, while in the act of creating something specific, has definitely its creative purpose. But some organization in your everyday life is not only useful but downright refreshing and even necessary (there - that fresh chi energy).   Can't find that spice you wanted to use in your rub, can't find that black sweater that goes with those green pants, can't find that book you were just talking about with your friend? Time to make room, clear out, unclutter, organize, and get that fresh chi moving. I am convinced it clears your mind, too.