color your life

Car colors used to be fairly standardized, mostly white and gray, silver, some blue, and then that rare and daring red every once in a while.  Now I see some frog green cars, all shades of orange, from spice to bright, yellows, light dusty blue, cream green - fun fun fun.  Coloring your hair used to mean dying it a different standard hair color, from brown to blond, from blond to brown.  Now teens, adults, gals and even some guys, incorporated funky color into hair in the form of streaks, ends or whole heads.  Finger nails used to be painted in solid colors, mostly in the warm spectrum, neutral to reds.  Now nail polish comes in all colors under the rainbow and some finger nails truly display works of art.  Restaurant foods and desserts have also become an ever more amazing outlet for artful and whimsy display as well as color. 


      Are millenials more colorful?  What drives this increase in joyful coloration?  I love color in my life.  Here is a previous blog post on eye candy to delect your senses further, as well as a recent post on eating a rainbow.  Do you have enough color in your life?