the difference between cause and effect in healing

photo credit A headache is a cause of something deeper in your psyche, as is for example stress, low self esteem, depression or any number of symptoms we may experience on and off.  These symptoms have causes (try to analyze what happened before the onset of the headache -  too little sleep?  stress?  overwhelmed?)

Allopathy, as the Western healing system is called, treats the effect, the symptom your body puts out to signal that something is not right.  It does not heal the cause! A  medication is a chemical that alters your body chemistry by sheer force (and with more or less harmful side effects) without changing the cause of headache or depression or whatever.  In the same way surgery removes the effect by force without addressing the cause.   This type of treatment does not always work predictably (which is worth a whole other discussion).

Energy and alternative healing modalities, such as reiki, acupuncture, homeopathy and so forth gently realign your internal energy stream by removing blockages.  Once realigned you can feel what it is like not to have the symptom - ahhhhh.  These methods are gentle and have no harmful side effects.  However, even they still do not heal you on a soul level unless you shift the beliefs or thoughts that created your imbalance in the first place.  So, here too, the symptom may reappear in its former or another form.

The ultimate healing mechanism is an awareness on a consciousness level of what created the symptom, and then dissolving or shifting that belief.  While this is a simplified outline of the healing process, and there are also other causes of illnesses, it has been estimated that 85% are due to emotional issues.  You may also want to reread earlier posts on this: "healing is shifting," and "pill or self-heal."