feeding the body, feeding the soul

UntitledI am currently - sort of (on and off) - doing Deva Premal & Miten's 21-day mantra journey.  During the introduction to Day 5 Miten points out that just as we feed the body (with food obviously, but perhaps also with exercise and fresh air) we also need to feed the soul, that other part of us.  We can feed our soul in all sorts of ways.  I think anything that emphasizes the quality of life feeds the soul, such as beauty, friendship, love or serenity (did you notice that these are all things money can't buy?).Untitled 2 Mantra chanting, as Miten explained, is one such soul food.  In the German September 2013 issue of GEO was a small article on the benefits of singing together.  Researchers discovered that the hearts of a group of mantra singers beat in synchronicity.  The controlled breathing of mantra chanting, similar to the controlled breathing practised in yoga, slows the heartbeat down and strengthens it, which is so beneficial.  When a group chants mantras together each individual melds into the group togetherness through the common synchronized heartbeat.   Neat!Untitled 3