finding the You in You

It's nothing new - that beauty comes from within, and that that beauty also entails youthfulness.  As Jane Brody explained in her recent NY Times article you can lather yourself with all the creams in the world, dye your hair, tuck your tummy - if you are miserable it shows.  And if you are happy it shows also.  The French word for the state of mind that makes you shine from within is épanouie  - the best translation is radiant. Radiance shines through.  When everything works well for you in life, when you are who you need to be (or working on it) and do what you need to do (or trying to get there), it goes way beyond manicured nails, the next bigger car, or a breast or nose job.

photo courtesy of Rolex

I'm never so sure what women are trying to achieve when they dye their hair or otherwise tweak their external features (granted there are exceptions).   After all the world's oldest model Carmen Dell'Orefice (she is 82!!!) with her signature white hair would no longer be Carmen if she dyed her hair.  She looks radiant and unique with it.  And if Sofia Loren had had cosmetic surgery to make her into a standard Barbie beauty she would no longer be Sofia Loren.  Her lips and eyes are so uniquely Sofia.sofia


There is no one more unique than you!  And all that is special about you will come out and shine and glow and radiate when you do that inner work.  It's about finding the You in You.