free clothes drier

When energy prices spiked several years back I remembered the European clothes drying racks of my childhood that are still customary over there (neither my parents in Germany, nor my sister in Belgium have driers).  I ordered two over the internet and have dried our clothes for free ever since.  My electric clothes drier gets used only very rarely anymore.  These racks are inexpensive and you can find them on this side of the Atlantic as well.  In comparison to the stationary racks sometimes found in gardens, or the overhead clothes lines strung between trees, I can move my racks outside when the weather is nice, and inside during the cold months.  Moreover, when there are no clothes to be dried, I don’t have to look at the rack in the garden.  They fold up flat and store behind a door or against a wall.  Between my two racks I can fit three loads of laundry, and when the air is dry the laundry dries in a few hours.