frequency, energy and the blessing of food

peaceMy son and I picked some things up at Walmart the other day, and he reflected that the "Walmart atmosphere" with its blue-grey color scheme surely has a negative influence on the employees' psyche (I agree, I'd much rather work at Target for its warm color scheme). The NY Times recently reported how we adapt our behavior according to whose company we are in - which means that we adopt and become part of the surrounding consciousness or frequency, that there is a fluid seamless interrelationship.  When I travel to France or Germany I put on my French or German culture hat, I become a lot more French or German than I am here at home in Warwick; when I am here, I am back to my (almost) American self (reminds me of mimikry in biology).

gratitudeMasaru Emoto's astounding water experiments became known in the West through the 2004 movie "What the Bleep Do We Know?"   The thesis of this movie is the seamless interconnectedness of the physical and the spiritual, the influence of consciousness on the physical, and the far reaching consequences of this hypothesis (let's call it that, although I firmly believe in it).  Although not yet accepted by the scientific community (which in general doesn't yet accept that consciousness might influence matter, much less create matter), Emoto's research of several decades indicates that consciousness influences the molecular structure of water.  He maintains that we can improve the structure or frequency of water by taping a sign with a positive word to a water container or imbuing it frequentially with spoken words, such as saying out loud "love" or "gratitude."  Think about the benefits of a glass of water, if it had indeed absorbed such positive frequency, and think of the implications on the human body, which consists of between 50% and 65% of

Lastly, all of this reminds me of the religious custom of blessing food and drink, which would improve its frequency or energy, and therefore its beneficial influence on us.