Green Goddess Dressing

green goddess dressingOh, how I love that name.   It's the name that first sparked my interest in this dressing, the green thing came second. I'm very much into green foods these days, chlorophyll being the most direct translation of sunlight into living energy we can feed our body. And the goddess thing in a dressing name is just very timely in a day and age where we are perhaps (I so hope) beginning to realize again our interdependence with Gaia, and the importance of balance between male and female, when the male energy has been dominant for the past 2500 years or so. The interesting thing is that this dressing was actually invented over 100 years ago, as a blog post in Simply Recipes explains. The original recipe calls for a combination of mayo, sour cream, a few anchovy filets for saltiness, lemon juice, parsley and chives. It comes out pretty thick, rich and gloppy. But there are many variations out there, some more runny for a real salad dressing, some more firm to be used as a dip for anything (veggie sticks, for breakfast on toast, with fish, with tortilla chips, you name it), some substituting yogurt altogether for the mayo and sour cream, some adding garlic (I like that one), another one adding avocado for creaminess (super healthy, great idea, cut back on the mayo when you do this), and then of course adding tons of whatever herbs you have around - from the usual parsley and chives, to dill, chervil and tarragon, also mint or cilantro.   I like substituting the sour cream with whole milk yogurt (Greek and otherwise, depending on how thick I want the dressing/dip), I also like the garlic, but be careful with the anchovies - too many and it starts to taste fishy. A favorite breakfast thing in my native country is a dummed down version of the whole Goddess thing by simply mixing farmer's cheese (same consistency as Greek yogurt, which is a perfect substitute) with lots of chives and a pinch of salt, and eat it as a spread on black bread or toast.

Go green and try them all!