greening your thumb

DSC01921I used to have a definite "bad thumb," which has turned to a pretty green thumb over the years. While my son thinks houseplants are useless, and I used to care them to death, I have come to love them in recent years. Like my cats they are something like children to me - definitely cheaper, definitely less work, yet work nevertheless, and a lot of pleasure. DSC01924I am pleased when my plants grow stronger, sometimes I talk to them, I love watching them grow a new leaf or new blooms.  I get especially excited when one of my orchids begins to sprout a new flower stem, which then grows and unfolds over weeks, and blooms for months. DSC01922 I find that plants add softness and life to a home, a calming and quiet living presence. Plants eliminate toxins from the air, absorb our carbon dioxide while emitting oxygen, humidify the air by releasing water, their presence seems to increase productivity in offices and adds to our wellbeing in general (apparently sick people get well faster if they are around plants).  From a decorative perspective they can make such a statement, such as a tall ficus tree in a big space, little succulents growing between pebbles in a pretty pot, or a basket planted with a variety of plants. Plants add to the quality of life in so many ways.