growing deep roots

             After Hurricane Sandy a few years ago a neighboring property with a lot of conifers looked like a disaster zone because many of them had toppled over.  All the deciduous trees, however, stood tall and unharmed.  Conifers have shallow roots and are easily uprooted, while deciduous trees grow a deep and extensive root system that anchors them firmly in the ground.

            Being grounded like a tree with deep roots helps to stay emotionally neutral when faced with a difficult or crisis situation.   The leaves may sway in the wind, but the tree won't topple over.  Instead of making a rash ungrounded decision you might regret later, or being confused about what to do, being grounded helps to keep a clear head.

            A regular meditation practice promotes grounding; you might visualize growing roots from under your feet deep into the ground; deep breathing (when we're in crisis mode we tend to forget to breathe deeply and don't get enough oxygen to the brain); walking, especially barefoot, and in nature, and dancing, sports in general, as a matter of fact, are grounding; gardening and working with the soil is literally a grounding activity; and any other activity that fortifies the root chakra, the chakra of basic needs and security.  Red is the color of the root chakra.  It's my favorite color.  Wearing it or surrounding yourself with it strengthens this first chakra.