it's happening

GaiaIn a way I'm an unscientific trend tracker and I think it's happening.  The NY Times declared on its front page today that "Industry Awakens to Threat of Climate Change."   Why is this headline a good thing?  Climate change is real, climate change is happening faster than we anticipated, climate change will have huge impacts worldwide on all fronts and for each of us personally (and moreso for our children), and the faster we jointly act on reversing the causes the less painful the effects will be in the long run (although all that carbon we are spewing into the atmosphere will stay around for at least 1000 years even if we reverse its continuous increase now).

Waking up and acting is what's required NOW.  And while we as individuals can make a big difference by opting for renewable electric energy sources, switching to LED lamps, putting solar panels on our houses, insulating our houses the most most most we possibly can, opting for double and triple pane windows, buying local and working local, just to name a few actions that have impact if practiced by lots of people (the effect is cumulative) - the real difference is when this thinking finally  bleeds into the commercial-industrial sector.  And that's what's happening - finally.  Read the article.  It is encouraging, even though the commercial-industrial sector is coming at it from the perspective of the bottom line as opposed to the eco perspective.  It's a start.

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