healing is shifting

"Doctors don't dispense wellness, they suppress symptoms," Dr. George Wootan, a pretty enlightened family practitioner from West Shokan, NY, said recently during a talk I attended.  There you have my gripe with allopathy, the Western medical healing paradigm.  Suppressing symptoms is not healing because it maintains the same underlying thought patterns. A friend recently posted something like this on Facebook:  "Has it ever happened to you that all of a sudden you see something in a totally different light, and you wonder how it happened, and why you did not see it in that light all along?"  A shift has happened.

Some of these shifts happen gradually over the years, some of them happen suddenly.  Eckhart Tolle describes such a sudden shift early in his first book The Power of Now.  After years of dread and depression he woke up one morning and suddenly the world looked bright and beautiful to him.

True healing comes from within.  It arises out of shifts in thinking, in consciousness.    I believe that almost all ailments are due to emotional hang-ups - such as negative thoughts and beliefs, emotional trauma, or past life residues.  When you clear these, through your own work and intent, or with someone's help, the energy channels open up and the shift happens, all by itself.