it's not about the destination

UntitledThere are various English versions of the destination verse, which goes something like this: "It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. " When I was a child many girls kept a Poesiealbum or poetry album.   We would give it to people we knew - family, classmates, teachers, acquaintances - and ask them to write something to remember them by. Some of the verses, as I reread them, mostly from classmates, are only memorable because of their utter sillyness, while others (mostly from teachers and family members) are true philosophical musings or really good life advice.

DSC00504I found one in my album, by 19th century Austrian writer Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach, which is another version of the destination verse. Loosely translated it says: "Upon attaining your wishes you will definitely miss one thing: the  journey towards your wish."

If life were about the destination we would all rush to accomplish - what? Dying? So we can probably all agree that life is not about the destination. But what about all the other little things we do all day long? This morning my yoga class was a bit strenuous and I just wanted it to be over - until I caught myself in mid-stream. And then I recognized that I wasn't doing so badly, and that I was actually gaining strength.

It's not worth doing something if we rush right past it. Granted, there are things we enjoy doing, and there are things we don't enjoy doing; and it's good if you can arrange your life so you can do more things you do enjoy, than things you don't enjoy. But things are easier with less resistance, as I experienced this morning. And when it's over, it's really over. So, stay with the moment, with the experience, because none like it exactly will ever come back.

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