learn your body

gratefulnessYour body is remarkable. Your body is what affords you this amazing experience here on earth. Your body is an extension of your mind and soul. We need to be grateful for it, to appreciate it, to nourish it. Of course body, mind and soul are inextricably linked.  But we don't always get it.

Your body talks to you, all the time, continuously. Well, not in English, but it communicates with you. It's a matter of learning not only to listen to it ("ouch, I just hurt myself"), but also to hear it ("gee, I just pulled a muscle"), and then to interpret it correctly ("I wonder where my thoughts were that I didn't take it easy, instead of overextending myself. I really need to get back into the Here and Now"). Use your body's feedback to give it what it needs.   Your body is in a major way a product of your mind. If you don't love it, find it beautiful, nurture it with the best quality food you can buy, and the kindest and most cooperative thoughts and beliefs, the consequences will show up eventually.

photo courtesy thesolutionsdoc.com

We tend to ignore the body, to brush it aside when it talks to us. But it can only go on for so long before showing you more strongly that it needs to be taken care of. When you notice a symptom STOP. Go within. What is your body telling you? Is a specific belief hurting you (maybe "I hate my legs," or "I am fat")? A headache tells you that your mind can't take any more, it needs time to rest and digest. Each ache and pain tells a story. Each malady you "catch" indicates a neglected need.

Instead of popping a pill, brushing over or ignoring a symptom, perhaps remaining entirely unaware of a specific negative belief, learn your body's language. It's a bit like learning Russian or how to communicate with animals. It's a new language. Some of that language can be very symbolical. I yawn a lot when I'm driving (must bore me a lot), and I sneeze when I have had enough after a long evening and just want my peace and quiet (go away, people). It can be more strongly symbolical as in interpreting the causes of heart disease (open it up), or breaking a limb ("I need a break"). The symptoms are always deeply personal and theoretically we should be the ones to decipher them and come up with a method of treatment accordingly.  I know it's not that easy.

Try to make friends with your body, cooperate with it, give it what it needs. You'll make friends with yourself in a much deeper way.