let the universe do its job

keysIt's probably happened to you that you misplaced your keys or your wallet. Or maybe your glasses. The other day my daughter was up in arms because she had misplaced her wallet with her library and debit cards in it. She looked everywhere but couldn't find it. So she came to see me and asked what she should do. Some people pray to Saint Anthony, patron saint of lost items. I told her to send the universe a request to turn up her wallet before going to bed, or before 6PM, or however else she wanted to formulate her request. "Then," I said, "let it go. Forget about it. Don't think about it anymore. Let the universe do its job."glasses

Lo and behold, around 6PM she came with a really big grin on her face and exclaimed "I found it!"

This method also works for coming up with solutions to problems you have been banging your head against the wall about. When you try too hard, solutions from outside your usual frame of mind don't have a chance to penetrate the thickness of that mind wall. Side stepping the thinking mind is a much better way. Before going to bed put your problem out to the universe and state with intent that you'd like to wake up to a solution. Then let it go, don't think about it anymore, go to bed and see what comes up in the morning. The solution is likely to come from the place where we go when we meditate or daydream, and it may just be a really good one. Try it sometime.  And always, always, thank the universe.wallet