making mayonnaise

Deep living to me also means making more food from scratch instead of buying the store bought version. Leading a busy life (and we all do) often becomes an excuse for reaching for convenience, but some things are just so easy and quick to make that there isn't much of an excuse, and the quality of taste and ingredients is so far superior. DSC01205Mayonnaise is one of those things that takes only minutes to make - literally! My mayonnaise has exactly four ingredients: one large egg(if your egg is small use a little less oil, otherwise your mayonnaise becomes runny), 300ml oil (olive oil if you like a stronger taste, or grapeseed oil for a more neutral mayonnaise, or a combination), juice of one lemon, and a heaping tablespoon of Dijon mustard, which provides enough salt, so no additional salt needed.  In comparison, Hellman's has nine ingredients and uses soy oil (GMO for sure), vinegar instead of lemon, sugar (sugar in mayonnaise???) and salt, besides preservatives and "natural flavors."

Here is the 5-minute process for a bowl of the yummiest homemade mayonnaise. And if you remember ahead of time, do take the egg and mustard out of the fridge beforehand so all ingredients are at room temperature. Put the (big) egg, the mustard, the lemon juice and about a tablespoon of the oil in a food processor and let run for a minute or so. Next, drip 50ml of the oil really really slowly into the food processor while it is running - my almost-30-year-old Cuisinart has a drip top especially made for making mayonnaise so you can let the machine do the dribbling while you do something else. Finally, add the other 250ml of oil in a thin steady stream to the running machine. Ready! Five minutes tops!DSC01227

We Europeans like mayonnaise on our French fries (so much better than ketchup, at least that's what we think) and with cold lobster or crab (no drawn butter, please). But it's also delicious on a sandwich with leftover chicken or turkey, or with other cold leftover meat. And one of my secret snack vices, when I need a quick pick-me-up and I do happen to have a bowl of mayonnaise in the fridge, is to take a cracker (or two, or three) or a piece of bread (toasted is better) and dunk it into this onctuous sauce. Soooooo good! Once you make it you'll never go back to store bought.