mindful chopping

I love cooking and all the prep work that goes with it.  Sometimes I even like the prep work more than the rest of the cooking process.  It is meditative to me, the peeling, cutting, dicing, and slicing.  At the end of the day I spend quiet time with myself in the kitchen, pour myself a glass of wine, and begin preparing dinner.  Because my life is sooo busy these days my dinner making process is usually somewhat unplanned and spontaneous.   I plant myself in front of the fridge, contemplate all the vegetables, fruits, meat or fish (if I thawed something) and staples, and figure out what kind of a meal I can conjure up. Then comes the mindful part, the part where I could almost forget that I am supposed to make a meal for my family, when chopping becomes an activity in its own right.  Peeling, chopping, dicing, sipping, whoosh into the pot, and all over again, peeling, chopping, dicing….very relaxing and grounding at the end of a busy day.