more compassion, less hubris Compassionate communication is about respecting the other person, trying to understand her feelings and motives, and responding with consideration and empathy.

This past week, as SONY's dilemma about the movie The Interview was unfolding I noticed some comments on social media that struck me as particularly one sided. I read things like "the US never backs down" and "if we give in we are compromising our freedom of speech."

There is a fine line between exercising freedom of speech and hurting or disrespecting others. Freedom of speech does not mean brash disregard or lack of respect for someone who thinks differently. After all, how would you feel if someone said to your face "that is some ugly outfit you're wearing?" Would you really think "she is entitled to voice her opinion, I am totally ok with hearing that?" No, you would find it offensive if someone spoke to you like that, and you would probably say so.

Just saying….                                        ...please also revisit an earlier post on compassionate communication.