it's never too late to tune in

photo credit I recently attended an orchid information and care workshop because I find those flowers so sculpturally beautiful.  People have given me orchids in the past and I have tremendously enjoyed the long blooming (up to three months).  However, the plants either did not survive at my hands, or if they did they did not rebloom.   It did not sit well with me that I basically cared them to death and I thought I could do better, especially since people told me that they were pretty easy to care for.

single phalaenopsis bloomWake-up time it was.  The solution was so simple, yet  it hadn't even occurred to me.  My mind had not been open, I had not tuned in.  Now that I did I found out that the plants need fertilizer on a regular basis besides water and light (and repotting every two years).  Oh boy!  Food!  The poor things did not get any food!

phalaenopsis 1Wake-up time can happen anytime, it's a shift in thinking.  But we can also promote it by tuning in, focusing on a particular area of interest or concern, and delving deeper.   The answer will come, and then we wonder how we could ever not have considered this new view.