passion for the cause        "If you want money because you're a good doctor, that's good. But if you are a doctor because you want money, that will kill a lot of persons," the filmmaker, author and all-round artist Alejandro Jodorowsky said in a recent Chronogram interview. They say that the money will come if you follow your passion. But many of us are in job situations we don't care about, are indifferent about, even hate.   Many others, and I am one of them, hold two jobs - the money making one (which I actually quite like), and the creative passionate one (which I like even more and would love to do more of). Those of us in creative fields such as writing, making music, painting or acting have a bit of a harder time earning an honest living in a culture that is lopsidedly in favor of the money making and business aspect of occupations.  But where would we be without art and creativity?  It's the soul of life.Untitled-1

As an employer I realize how important proper casting is. It is just as much my responsibility to correctly interpret a candidate's abilities, character and knack for the job they are applying for, as it should be the candidate's responsibility to be as open and honest as possible about themselves. If an employee compromises his/her values or passion for money (ahh, it's just a job, I can pursue my passion on the week-end), it comes out in broad daylight very quickly.

When week-end is all you are dreaming about all week long, maybe it's time to realign with your true self and figure out a way to do more of what you love to do.