perspective and pizza

There is nothing like a vacation to reset thoughts and priorities.  We need the perspective of comparison to differentiate things and set them in proper light. For one I understood during our recent vacation in Italy why the Italians think American pizza is hard to digest (something I read somewhere recently).  In the little  Tuscan village  of Radicofani in a humble outdoor lunch trattoria we had the thinnest possible pizza, like a sheet of crumbling paper, simply covered with some choice but rather scant toppings,  a few shreds of prosciutto,  some arugula, scattered pecorino shavings (no parmesan here), perhaps on a thin smear of tomtoey sauce.  Nothing like that thick yeasty crust we are used to with gobs of toppings (kitchen sink pizza, anyone?) and a gooey and heavy layer of cheese on top.