pizza every night?

pizzaHow boring. I'd rather eat something different every night. And from all over the world, too. We are so fortunate nowadays to have access to such a great selection of foods. We are exposed to so much diversity. Japanese sushi, Moroccan tagine, French snails, Middle Eastern mezze, downhome hamburgers, Italian pasta, Russian borscht, and on and on.... mezzeFor that same reason, - enjoying diversity - , traveling is so eye opening because we get to see how other people live (and eat, and think). We need to get out of the house to learn to expand our vision because we learn through comparison. Comparison and juxtaposition show us alternatives, options, different ways of doing things. Only when we know what our options are can we begin to choose. Homogenization - a Walmart or Starbucks on every corner no matter how far from home we go, or pizza every night, or the same religion for all - makes us culturally poor and life dull.

sushiBut with diversity we must learn tolerance. You don't have to have sushi, but it's great that it's available for those who like it. Let's enjoy the possibilities and excitement that diversity affords us instead of hitting those with different opinions or preferences over the head. As Frederic the Great said, "Jeder soll nach seiner Façon seelig werden," or "each must live as he sees fit."