playing with stuff

DSC01380A vignette is a small still life of things in your home or office, a grouping of a few pretty items pulled together around a common theme. Why order your clutter and put it on display? A vignette not only looks very decorative, it also draws your attention and makes you pause. It creates a moment of mindfulness, of stillness and enjoyment. Putting a vignette together is fun because you get to play with your stuff. A vignette brings order to the chaos of your tchotchkes, and it looks like art when artfully put together.DSC01381

A vignette is definitely not a random assemblage of stuff. It takes some time and thought to put one together. It works when it's pulled together by theme. Such a theme might be color (different items of the same color), it might be shape (a cube, a sphere, a pyramid), it could be material (various things of the same material), or it could be purpose (consolidate all your bathroom vanity top clutter on a pretty tray). Several pictures with frames of the same type, or small artwork hung together in a grouping, make a nice wall vignette.

DSC01385 You can play with rocks, shells and other nature things; or plants, a flower, an attractive pot or two. In your kitchen colorful fruits and vegetables in beautiful bowls looks gorgeous.   Unless lined up in a row, uneven numbers seem to work better for larger objects than even numbers.  See your stuff in a new light and play with it!