rushing to yoga

photo credit My life is pretty busy and I love my Slow Yoga time. It brings me right back down into myself, relaxes me, grounds me (which means regaining a healthy perspective on things), all the while keeping me limber and flexible. So why did I not go to yoga yesterday?

I was rushing around the whole day, getting things done, driving a half hour to pick up my vacuum cleaner that needed servicing, coming back (another 1/2 hour), getting something else done, helping with homework, doing some actual work work in between, picking some emergency toilet paper up at the supermarket - and always thinking in the back of my mind that I would make that 6:15 yoga class (after missing the 12PM class). We weren't going to eat until after 8 so we could all have dinner together. But returning from yoga around 7:45 with no dinner prep work done beforehand would have meant either rushing again or eating really late.

"Enough," I said, after finally being back home at 5:50. I would have had to leave my purchases sprawled on the counter, changed, rushed back out to make that class, rushed back and hurried to get dinner on the table. What was the point of rushing to make that yoga class in order to relax, just to have to hurry again to get dinner on the table?  So I didn't go.

photo credit

Instead, I slowed down with a sigh of relief,  sat down with hubby for a glass of wine while chatting about the events of the day, then prepared dinner in peace and quiet. Sometimes all that rushing is just not worth it.