safe skincare products

DSC07674Ingredients in skincare products (anything from shampoos, to lotions, to make-up) are not regulated through a government oversight, which means that companies are supposed to comply on their own - with what, though, since there is no oversight, no standard? In recent years a lot of ingredients in such products have turned out to be toxic - as carcinogens, hormone disrupters, or endocrine system disrupters.  Here are two websites to begin your research on the products in your bathroom cabinet: and www.goodguide.comDSC07676

I know that it can be quite overwhelming to begin reading labels, and finding out that many, most, or even all of your products are on the “bad list.”  But instead of throwing up your arms and the entire content of your bathroom cabinet out, research and substitute one item at a time, as you run out of something.  That makes it a lot more manageable and a lot less expensive.DSC07678

Between my food coop, Trader Joe’s, and my Shaklee friend I can usually find a reasonably priced and readily available substitute.  Within a year’s time you’ll have replaced your skincare products without too much effort with something that won’t harm you or your family.