salutogenesisIt's a term I hadn't heard until I read an article this morning on approaches for dealing with the refugee crisis in Europe of all things, and coined by medical sociologist Aaron Antonovsky. Without ever having heard it called salutogenesis I embrace this model in my thinking, this blog and my upcoming book. It is after all about strengthening what is healthy instead of destroying or treating what's diseased. With regard to healing the body the idea is to strengthen the immune system and support the body's ability to continuously regenerate and heal itself through a deep mind-body relationship. Why? Because stress, negative beliefs and emotional problems are responsible for 85% of our health problems, as it's estimated. Salutogenesis is a proactive, preventative and positive approach, while our mainstream Western model is about fixing, eliminating, destroying, cutting out, or band-aiding what's diseased  in very broad strokes.

Translated to my deep living approach salutogenesis is about standing for and promoting more of what we want (healthy and rich soil, clean air and water, honesty and transparency, dignity for all people, sufficient food for all, and on and on) instead of ranting and raving about what we don't want (pollution, corruption, disease, poverty, refugee crisis and so on).

Do you like your glass half full or half empty?  It's all about turning our attention to the positive aspect of things.  You may also want to reread an older related post on the war against evil.