Sustainability: What Is It, Why is it So Urgent, and How Does it Connect with Holistic Living?


Think of how healthy we and our planet would be if we truly embraced sustainability. Sustainable processes are wasteless and circular, meaning they can go on eternally without bringing product in from the outside and creating garbage. Each product in a sustainable cycle creates the base for the next process, and so forth.

In contrast, all of our current industrial processes are linear and create huge amounts of waste. A linear process requires the purchase of product each time anew and creates waste products, which in turn create environmental damage.

What do preeminent thinkers such as former president Bill Clinton, Paul Hawken and Jeremy Rifkin have to say about sustainability? How can we turn from a wasteful society, household, or person to one that embraces sustainable living? This is the topic of conversation we will explore together. Please join us by registering at Vastu. For more information, contact Susanne at Sunday, November 17 11:30am ~ 1:00pm