the nature of our dualistic world

photo credit Living 25 miles from a nuclear power plant (as the crow flies) makes you wonder sometimes. They always say that these facilities are safe - until they are not (think Chernobyl, Fukushima, Three Mile Island).  There simply is no guarantee.

We live in a dualistic world. You may wonder what that is and what that has to do with it? The world we live in exists through its opposites, it exists as a juxtaposition of contraries with all the shades of grey in between. We would not be able to experience dark without the existence of light, we are unable to define love without its opposite evil, we experience sour in comparison to sweet.

When we make a choice in this world, when we vote for something, when we make something happen, inevitably its opposite is brought into existence. That is the way this world functions. We strive for safety, actually we think we can guarantee ever more safety with ever more refined technology. But that's a fallacy, it's a delusion.

When we vote for nuclear power, its positive and negative aspects will inevitably manifest for us. If we don't want to experience its negative aspects - nuclear meltdowns, contamination and radiation catastrophes - we must eliminate the use of nuclear power altogether.

When we vote for the death penalty, we must accept the horrendous reality of botched executions, such as the one in Oklahoma last week. The only way to avoid it is to abolish capital punishment altogether. If we decide that genetic engineering can make positive contributions to the world we must accept its negative flip side. There is no way around it.

Think about it.