the next healing frontier

The five eras of healing, as presented in The Healing Code book by Drs. Alexander Loyd and Ben Johnson, is an eye opening way to look at the history of medicine and healing and where we currently stand. Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 3.23.22 PM            According to the authors the five historical stages we have gone through are praying and the belief in healing, herbal remedies, pharmaceutical/chemical remedies, surgery, and now energy healing. It is thought provoking to look at it from that perspective as we are beginning to realize the limitations of both surgery and pharmaceuticals, our most recent eras, although both can of course do wonders in critical and acute conditions.  When surgery is used for the removal of a malignant condition, removal doesn't always seem to get to the bottom of a condition and it may return, i.e. tumors. Pharmaceuticals have side effects, often debilitating, i.e. chemotherapy, and suppress or displace symptoms without healing the underlying condition. Moreover, pharmaceuticals can't seem to heal chronic conditions, merely keeping them in check.

Energy medicine, on the other hand, besides having no side effects and healing gently (no invasive procedures, no cutting), can dissolve underlying emotional knots, conditions and trauma, which have manifested in physical symptoms, dissolving those along the way. Mainstream medicine will of course resist this low tech approach as very little money is to be made compared to the billions that now flow into the medical and pharmaceutical industries. The fact that we call them industries is a problem in itself.  How about calling alternative healing modalities healing arts instead?